Tuesday, 26 March 2013

USA: Dieting in a nutshell

We are all individual and how we lose weight successfully will be different for everyone. In the past I have tried many different diets and read many books on how to lose weight. However, for me, it came down to calorie counting and keeping a food diary.

I thought my diet was pretty healthy, but once I started writing down everything I ate each day and worked out my calorie consumption, I discovered I was completely underestimating my intake.

I downloaded this great app onto my iPod called 'MyNetDiary' which was key to my food tracking and calorie counting. It allows you to input your details and then calculates how many calories you can eat each day in order to lose weight in a healthy way. It contains a huge database of foods, and remembers your favourite things, which makes it very easy to use. The barcode scanner allows you to add new foods and the recipe builder is a great way to work out how many calories are in your meals. I found it invaluable and continue to use it everyday to help maintain my current weight.

Living in New York, or anywhere you have access to an abundance of restaurants, makes it very tempting to eat out or get take away. It is also pretty cheap to eat here, add to that my tiny kitchen, I became very lazy when it came to cooking at home. However, I invested in some decent cook books and took the time to make my own meals. It turns out I love cooking and, with practice, have become quite competent in the kitchen. I cook dinner 6 nights a week now and when we do go out I really appreciate and enjoy the experience. By cooking at home I know exactly what I am eating and how it was prepared. I weigh everything and ensure I control my portion sizes.

I have always exercised, but as I was eating too much it wasn't having much of an impact on my weight loss. Although exercise was a key part of my weight loss, it was as basic fact that I was putting in more than I was working out! I want to discuss exercise in more detail as it is such an important part of a healthy life style, so look our for upcoming posts.

Finally, I didn't deprive myself of anything. I didn't cut out any food groups and made sure that I ate a healthy well-balanced diet. If I really wanted chocolate I would have a small piece and I often enjoyed a glass on wine with my dinner. If I stopped myself eating chocolate I would constantly think about it, but knowing that I could have a small piece now and again stopped me obsessing about it.

The weight came off steadily and I lost about a pound a week. I hit a plateau that took a while to beat, more about that later, but eventually I made it down to my goal weight.

So, there you have it, that's what worked for me and enabled me to lose weight. I would love to hear your stories and how you lost/are losing weight, so please let me know how you are getting on!
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